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Mailchimp wiki

Login at Mailchimp –

Adding subscribers:

Go to Audience > All contacts where you’ll see the link to ‘Add contacts’ [image 1].

image 1

Send a mailout:

Click on Campaigns > All campaigns and either click on the ‘Create Campaign’ button top right, edit a draft in the list, or replicate a previous campaign. There’s a draft saved in the list which you can use to get you started [image 2].

image 2

If you create a new campaign you’ll be asked to select a template, so choose the Saved templates tab and click on the template of your choice [there might only be one!] [image 3].

image 3

The editing pane allows you to change the title of your mailout, along with all the content on the page. Roll over an object to edit, duplicate or delete it. There are blocks on the right to quickly and easily add more content [image 4].

image 4

When you feel the newsletter is ready select Preview > Send a test email and send it to yourself. Be sure to check the email very carefully before deciding to send it. Sometimes you need to send one or two more before all the mistakes are weeded out. Be sure to check any links [image 5].

image 5

You can opt to save the newsletter as a template by selecting Template > Save the design as a template [image 6].

image 6

When you’re satisfied with the newsletter, click Continue. You’ll be asked for a new Subject and if there is anything uncertain in it Mailchimp will make suggestions. If everything looks good you’ll be able to schedule it or you can simply send it straight away [image 7].

image 7

If you want to edit the template:

Go to Campaigns > Email templates. You can make changes and save it for subsequent mailouts. You can also save the template when doing a mailout [image 8].

image 8